Yes, it’s that day everyone with a modicum of common sense has been dreading. It’s the 21st of December 2012, which according to some people means we’re all going to die. Time for some facts and logic…

These people are correct, we are all going to die. However we’re not all going to die today, it just isn’t going to happen. Eventually, due to the passage of time, accidents, illness and so forth everyone currently alive will die. None of these deaths will be due to the date today.

I feel I should explain for the two people on the planet who don’t know, the Mayan Long Calendar comes to an end today and so idiots who crept into the gene pool when the lifeguard was on his break think the planet will explode, zombies will appear, Galactus will eat us or other such civilisation ending events will occur. These people are wronger than disco, but because we’re tired of hearing about people being massacred by their own governments this rubbish seems to be deemed newsworthy.

The Mayan calendar ends. So what? Every single year my calender ends on the 31st of December. That doesn’t mean the world ends on that day, it just means I need a new one for the 1st of January. That’s the entire point behind this pointless hysteria. They’ll try and mitigate this by saying the Maya predicted when they’d be wiped out by European conquest, neatly forgetting the obvious, the Maya are still around. Seriously, they’re a culture that has over seven million living members, they aren’t gone and they aren’t panicking in the slightest. Probably for the same reason that none of us panic when we throw out our old calendars every year.

However there are still going to be some people who won’t listen to reason. For these people I recommend you not hit them with something heavy until the 22nd, but instead have some fun. Declare yourself the messiah, and say that because you’re benevolent you’ll ensure there’s a 22nd tomorrow. If you know enough stupid people that are worried about this rubbish you might have yourself a nice cult on the 22nd, you can’t do a worse job than L. Ron did.

History books will record this as just another day where random end of the world predictions failed to come true, just like the Y2K bug, the approach of a comet or Harold Camping shooting his mouth off. Some of the idiots who believe this rubbish may finally see reason when it fails to happen, their entry into basic critical thinking might be the most important day of their life, but for me, you and everyone else reading the 21st of December 2012 will just be another Friday.

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